Top 5 Signs Your Septic Tank is Full

One of the challenges most residents, tenants, home owners or landlords face is to know whether their septic tank is full and need evacuation. This is because a filled septic is not something that happens quite often and its not something you just open anytime you want to check the level. Your best bet then is to rely on certain warning signs or indicators that tell you your septic is full.


The purpose of this write up is to enable us know how to tell if your septic is full. You may not need to call the plumber before you know as these signs will help you know whether to just go ahead and invite a septic tank evacuation company

Top 5 Signs Your Septic Tank is Full

If you notice these tell-tale signs, then chances are good that your septic system is in need of attention. It is not always as obvious as an overflowing septic tank! Here are some of the most common warning signs that you have a full septic tank:

  1. Sluggish Drain. When it takes for ever for your drain to move then its a sign especially if it is the same with all the toilets in the house. You flush the toilet and its slow to leave. Try using a clogged drainage remover, if that does not work then the most common reason would be a full septic tank. Please note that it needs be common with all the toilets for you to arrive at that conclusion. If it is only happening to one toilet, it could be a case of bad clogs in the outlet pipes or something along those lines. In that case, you should have a professional plumber take a look at it.
  2. Unusual bad smell: One major sign that your septic is full is the pungent smell that it begins to exude. Sometimes it smells like rotten egg and can be very annoying. When you notice such a smell in your compound, it may just be indicative of a filled drainage. Th fact is that properly functioning septic tank is not supposed to be smelling. If you notice such and still in doubt, call us for proper inspection or outright evacuation. The earlier the better because if left unattended to it poses a health risk
  3. Rapid Growing grasses: As nasty as the content of septic is, it is still a source of rich manure to plants. In some countries they are used as manure to grow food. One sign your septic is full is that grasses start growing rapidly around the septic cover. This is caused by the poo content enriching the soil above. Yes! when this waste interacts with the roots of plants around your house, it makes your yard to look like a garden in a very period of time. You will begin noticing a patch of exceptionally lush grass or vegetation growing above or around your septic tank.
  4. Gurgling Water Sound: Gurgling water can be a warning sign of a backup waiting to happen. If you hear gurgling water sounds coming from your pipes, it could be a sign that your tank is getting backed up and needs to be emptied. You will hear this gurgling sound mostly when you flush the toilet or empty your bathtub. If it’s a normal pipe clog, then the sound will disappear after you have a professional do a spot-check on it. On the other side of the tracks, if you’re dealing with full septic, the gurgling sound in the pipes below will persist even after the mini maintenance.
  5. Pool of Water in the Septic Field: A pool of water forming around your septic tanks drain field is a key sign of an overflowing septic tank. This is especially a reliable indicator if the pool forms even without a rain. This mainly happens when your tank is at full capacity and there could be solid water blocking the system. This will then force liquid up to the top of the ground.

What you can Do to your Full Septic:

sewage evacuation in yaba lagosThe next step to take after you have confirmed your septic tank is full is simply to call a septic evacuation service company near you. The company will pump out all the effluent from your septic. All things being equal, you are done and you make payments. But if any issue is discovered with your septic system, you may need to consider repairs and maintenance to solve the issue.

Depending on where you live, the first major step for some people would be to raise the funds for the service. There has been an ongoing debate in Nigeria whether it is the responsibility of the tenant or landlord. Depending on your agreements, you may inform everyone in the compound if you are the care taker or landlord. This will enable you raise money for the evacuation. It is after the money is ready you can invite the handlers. Because of the urgency of the situation and if you live with difficult people, you may go ahead and fund it while you await the contributions

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